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Polyurethanes and Water Based Coatings

Polycure designs, develops, manufactures and markets a comprehensive range of innovative coating systems to protect, beautify and enhance timber flooring and related substrates. Polycure

coatings includes:

  • AQUAPRO Water Based Coatings & Stains

  • DURAPOL Moisture Cure Polyurethane

  • POLYTHANE 2 Pack Polyurethane

  • NATUROIL Oil Based Coatings
  • FASTASEAL Solvent Based Sealers
  • AQUACARE Floor Maintenance Products

IntergrainEnviropro's water based commercial Endure range of timber flooring finishes are high performance, environmentally responsible coatings designed to enhance the natural beauty of timber floors. Features and benefits include:
  • Better wear resistance
  • Safer for your health - no masks or respirators required
  • Better colour development
  • Low Odour
  • Easy application
  • No need for householders to vacate premises
  • Proudly Australian - researched, developed and tested for Australian conditions.

Toby is a specialist timber floor coating brand with more than 25 years experience in the Australian market. Toby has a wide range of timber flooring finishes that are reliable and easy to apply. Its range includes:
  • Aquamax water based flooring finishes
  • Rapid Seal and GF Barrier Seal solvent based sealers
  • Tung Oil and UMO oil based flooring finishes
  • Unithane and Lustapol solvent based flooring finishes
* Consider the switch from Toby Unithane Gloss to Toby Unithane Crystal Clear Gloss. It is safer to use as it is xylene free and achieves a quality finish that highlights the natural grain of the timber.

Urethane Coatings have been polyurethane specialistssinces 1979. Urethane Coatings manufactures coatings and associated products (thinners, cleaning solvent, stains & additives) suitable for all species of timber, parquetry and cork.
  • Monothanes - HS-50 Gloss, 45 Gloss, Satin, Semi Gloss, Matt
  • Duothanes - Part A, Part B, Fast A
  • Sealers - Timberseal
  • Additives - Monothane Catalyst, Modified Oil and Tungseal Catalyst, Flomax, Flowmate, Thinners
  • Cleaning Solutions - Methylated Spirits


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