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Decking FAQ

How often should I treat my decking?

This will depend on a number of factors, how exposed a deck is to the elements e.g., rain, direct sunlight, standing water. What type of coating used e.g. decking oil, Sikkens, or Integrain etc, some have better properties than others, amount of foot traffic etc. Basically, it is recommended that when a coating starts to look tired and worn it should be recoated to avoid costly re-sands. See our decking page for more information.

Should I use oil or other coatings on my decking?

This will depend on the look you want to achieve. Decking oils penetrate into the timber protecting from within. Generally they are flat, low sheen finishes. Sikkens or similar brands which have a "high" build effect where the coating sits on the timber, can achieve higher gloss levels. These coatings generally have better abrasion resistance to oil and require less maintenance.

Can I take my decking tiles with me when I move?

Of course they are a floating system where no fixings are necessary.

What size board should I use in my decking?

Any size timber is suitable for decking, 65, 85, 140mm it will mainly depend on your budget "wider boards are more expensive" and also the look you want to achieve. Larger areas may suit larger boards, but the narrower boards are generally the most stable.

Is character or feature grade good enough to use for decking?

Generally it is recommended that standard grade or higher be used in decks where high bare foot traffic exists. The nature of character grade is to have quite a lot of open gum veins, knots etc.

If you have any questions, please contact us and speak to one of experienced staff.

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