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Floating Flooring in Sydney

Have you heard of floating floors? This type of flooring is made of any type of hardwood and even bamboo but the planks are not in any way fixed to the sub floor. No nails or even glue are used to attach floating floors. If you live in Sydney and you would like to remodel your home, why not consider floating floors in Sydney contractors to do the installation for you.

Floating floors may sound a little weird and homeowners may feel hesitant in going for this type of flooring due to the intricate details of the project. If you are a homeowner and would like to consider having hardwood floating floor, here are some facts about this project that may make you make up your mind:

  1. Neither glue nor nails are used to fix each hardwood plank in place. The planks are simply laid onto a flat subfloor. The subfloor may be made of concrete or any type of flooring but has to be smooth and plain to hold floating floors.
  2. Some floating floors in Sydney contractors use a special type of foam in between the subfloor and the planks. This will protect the wooden planks from wear and tear and reduces noise as the wooden floating floor is stepped on.
  3. Different types of wood may expand to varying degrees. It is best to allow gaps from the planks to the walls to allow the wood to expand in time. A flooring contractor or a retailer may assist you in finding the most appropriate type of wooden flooring for your home.
  4. A convenient locking mechanism is always in place to secure the planks together. You may also work with concrete bricks or laminate floating floors with the same type of locking technique.
  5. Choose wooden floating planks appropriate for you online or personally in flooring shops in your area. Never approximate the number of planks that you may need for a project. Find a contractor or flooring expert to make a personal inspection so you won’t end up making a mistake.
  6. Floating floor Sydney contractors can easily help you out and it starts with a quote on the entire floor renovation project. Get as many quote as possible to shop for the most affordable contractor.
  7. Wooden floating floors come in different types, gloss and finishes. Find online sites with a wide selection of wooden planks to use to find the most appropriate one for your interior décor, lighting and of course your wall color.
  8. When you decide to go for a Sydney contractor to construct your wooden floating floors, you are in for the most wood type anywhere. Choose from Tasmanian Oak, Beech, Cherry, Spotted Gum and many other durable and beautiful wood varieties.

Considering a professional floor installer is always the best to make sure your project is going to be a perfect one. But if you are considering doing this home renovation project yourself, and then read on for special tips to make your floating floors a resounding success:

  • Pick the most appropriate wood variety to match the mood of your interiors. Never pick out items that are on sale right away. Ask for sample and check the hue and texture of the plank against your wall color, lighting and most of all your furniture color and design.
  • Tiles should be inspected individually for any defects or flaw; remember that these tiles are just laid together, accidents may happen as someone might step on a defective tile. These tiles merely float and may cause serious accidents if not installed properly.

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