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It’s a tough job when it comes to selecting a type of abode floor. There are numerous choices ahead of you. Some of the most favored ones include laminate, wooden and bamboo. Then the choice originates within regarding flooring techniques. Many prefer a solid upper layer bonded firmly to its sub-layer. But the statistics tell a different story. Now, a trend has been started and folks are installing floating flooring to their accommodations.

Floating flooring is a technique of mounting one surface over another without the need of nailing or gluing it. The term floating refers to its fitting method. Domestically it is used for laminate flooring. However, it should be noted that this isn’t necessary for laminated flooring to be floating. There are laminate floors which uses total sticking mechanism for flooring purposes.

If needed, floating flooring can be used on a sub-floor or even existing floor. Theaters and art centers prefer to have a floating floor. If installed correctly, it can greatly reduce the vibrations and sounds produce while performing arts. As it is not attached to its base, a cushioning material is placed in-between the sub-layer and the floating floor. This reduces the sound produced by the steps and works as a shock absorber.

Floating flooring has been classified into various types depending upon the type of attachment of the layers. The oldest version applies glue and pressure to attach both the layers. Due to less durability, it was quickly replaced by the click together technique. This method was free of all the hassles of sticking material. Rather it uses an interlocking system. The corners of the floors were crafted in a way that when angularly placed together, it gets attached without the need of any adhesive. This enter click method became a hit as it does not require loads of time. Professional installers can easily floor a room in less than half an hour.

Another method introduced recently is the lock and hold technique. It’s considered as the next generation flooring mechanism which does not require tapping of the planks. It’s always good to plug-in a floor which takes no effort at all. It should be kept in mind that Floating flooring can be used for all types of wooden, bamboo and laminate floors. It has many more advantages which are needed to be discussed here.

  • Floating flooring is inexpensive as compared to other entities. By going for a thinner plank, you are asked to pay $3-$4 per square foot. Even the cheapest of carpets are expensive than that.
  • They are the most compatible when it comes to cleaning a mess. You can easily wash it with just a mop with water.
  • The real application of floating flooring comes in dealing with different allergies. As it is known that carpets accumulate a lot of dust. And some people are extremely allergic to it. You can use a hardwood floating floor to get rid of this problem.

All these attributes add up to an extremely economical comfortable alternative to other flooring kinds. Floating flooring is famous and people are finding it to be the one for them.

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