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How To Choose Timber Flooring For Your Home


When choosing a real hardwood timber floor don't choose your floor by name (species) alone you need to personally see the timber you are buying as not all timbers of any one species are exactly alike in colour, grain, quality, maturity and milling.

If you choose to use timber for your flooring, there are a few important considerations to keep in mind. Each of these factors will have a dramatic effect on your hardwood flooring. If you do not know what certain factors to consider, this can leave your home builders confused and overwhelmed. Below is a simple guide to help you get started.

Color. The color that you choose should complement your home style as well as the home décor that you intend to buy. It is very important that you pick a color group before deciding on a specific timber. Timbers are categorized into three color groups – brown, red, and cream. Pick a color and discuss this with your interior designer.

Grades. Just like your color choice, the grade of the timber will have a huge effect on the overall appeal of your flooring. Timber has three main grades – all of which are graded to Australian Standards. Pick a grade that offers minimal features if you want to create a simpler and sleek look. Character grade flooring is affordable and will add more character to the interior of your home.

Board sizes. Different size boards are available to suit a variety of applications and looks. Traditional tongue is usually 19mm in thickness. Overlay timber flooring is packed in smaller in sizes and are more manageable to install.

Technical properties. Timbers have a wide range of characteristics when picking timber for your home, choose ones that are versatile and may be used with a wide range of properties. Janka is considered as the hardness scale in the industry standard. It is used to judge the ability of several species to withstand denting. If you opt for harder wood, pick timber with higher Janka.

Durability. Durability is the property that refers to the natural ability of wood to resist natural hazards. This includes fungal attack, high humidity, and high-risk situations like low ventilation. If the timber is intended for your home exterior, ensure that you pick ones with durability class rates ranging between 1-4.

Before picking timber for your house, discuss the plan with your interior designer or friends. The timber that you choose should accentuate the overall theme of the house. Use unique lifestyle homewares to complement your flooring.



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