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Solid Timber Flooring For Your Home

Have you considered solid timber flooring for your home? Timber floors give a natural accent to any home; it can enhance the beauty of furniture and can simplify the décor of any room. Polished timber floors are a sight to behold; more and more homeowners love the look and feel of wooden floors that it has been the favorite renovation plan for any outdated home.

Considering solid timber flooring for your new home or for a home improvement project is a sure way of increasing the market value of your home. Aside from this obvious factor, here are many more great reasons why you should consider solid timber for your floors:

  1. Timber is considered a renewable resource. You can get timber from fallen trees and even from trees in your own backyard.
  2. There are more varieties of wood or timber that you can choose from to match your interior décor or simply your own personal taste. Find great deals online for Cherry, Beech, Pine, Birch or Gum. Each one has its own natural beauty, hue and grain to consider when you look for solid timber flooring.
  3. Solid timber for floors may not be hard to find at all. There are flooring shops near you with a wide variety of timber to choose from. Since it is solid timber you are looking for there are shops that sell raw solid wood to use for floors and may even sell them for a cheaper price.
  4. Installing solid timber floors may not take time at all as compared to floating floors and other wooden type floors. You may not need to look for the most experienced contractors at all. In fact, some homeowners would rather do the installation themselves to save on flooring budget costs.
  5. Solid timber floors are the envy of many homeowners and are often featured in home improvement magazines and online sites. Solid wooden floors give warmth to an otherwise contemporary setting. It may also bring life and color to a dull room with the many timber varieties you can choose from.
  6. Wooden floors are easy to maintain. With the right sanding and staining, your solid timber floors will definitely stand the test of time with absolutely no heavy maintenance needed.
  7. Solid timber flooring are known to expand since wood is alive! This is why adequate sanding and polishing upon installation is vital to a picture perfect floor for years to come.
  8. Many homeowners prefer solid timber floors from concrete and tile floors because it is perfect in any wall color, lighting and carpeting. You may never have to consider changing any of these when you renovate to a solid wooden floor.

Contractors to hire for installing your solid timber floor are everywhere. The easiest to find them is through the web. To find the nearest one in your area, just include your zip code or postal code along with your search.

Personal recommendations from neighbors and friends on flooring contractors are also a best way to find a reliable company just within your locale.

Your solid timber floor will give you years of lasting beauty when you know how to care for them. Although wooden floors may not require regular maintenance, you must need to pamper it with the right type of wax to enhance its natural beauty.

So, why settle for plain and cold concrete or tile floor when you can have warm and beautiful solid timber floors for your home? Updating your flooring to solid timber could be the best project that you have ever done for years to come.

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