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Mode of life changes with the passage of time. But the grace and allure of your timber floor will remain as it is. Solid timber flooring is a class of timber floors which are readily available in different textures. And there’s a large commodity that is being considered in regards to its benefits. You must know that wood is stretchy and supple, which makes it appropriate to be used as floorings.

Besides the visual remuneration, solid timber flooring has some practical benefits too. Being durable and compatible is the all in one package that comes up with it. It can be cleaned in subject of few minutes; this thrifty ability marks itself amongst the heads of the market. And therefore, is best suited for today’s busy lifestyle.

There are many species of beautiful and trustworthy timber available in the market. Some of the most popular solid timbers include Black butt, Bush box, Tasmanian and American oaks, Fijian Kauri and the Pacific Matai. Solid wood can easily be hacked into different styles. “Quarter –sawn” and “rift-swan” are the almost similar with respect to appearance. Plus they come up with “absorption strips”. It greatly reduces cupping by making grooves at the back of each plank.

For Solid timber flooring, there comes a wide range of dimensions and styles. You will always find the one for your taste.  With the fact of constructing a single plank from one piece of solid wood, shows its adaptability in lights of strength and consistency.  Solid timber was mostly used for construction purposes by attaching planks perpendicularly with the wooden support beams. Soon it became a fast and reliable construction material for those ages. But nowadays, this method of construction is overlooked by cement and steel. And it became a collector’s choice as the solid timber flooring. Its sturdiness and sharpness led its way to be picked as the ultimate choice solely as a flooring rationale.

Due to some natural characteristics of wood, flooring has some practical limitations which can be overlooked in certain situation. The expansion and contraction of wood due to temperature and moisture confines the versatility of solid timber flooring. On average, a 5" wide and ¾ " thick plank can be fabricated from a single piece of wood. But some industries produce larger sheets by applying propriety milling techniques. However, there is no accurate size which is declared to withstand all conditions. As an important note, it should be understood that solid timber flooring should never be done over concrete. It will reduce its effectiveness to a large scale.

Each article of timber has its own texture and comes up with its sole character. Therefore, every specie provides you with its own unique feel. It’s a natural ambience that can only be created with a natural timber. Therefore, it works as an investment which will pay you back every time you will see it. Besides, Solid timber flooring would lasts for a long time to come. And you will cherish the moment, when you made your mind for it.

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